Picking uses a robot to put things in order, arranging disordered products in smart patterns. Many times the purpose of having a robot putting things in a special order is so that the next robot will be able to simultaneously pack multiple products in one package quickly.

Product picking often requires optical solutions that turn the robots into machines with vision. The fastest type of picking robot is ABB’s FlexPicker (IRB 360). With FlexPicker and similar robots we have reached speeds of up to 180 picks per minute.


For high-speed picking applications, one or more FlexPickers are often hung over the lines where products are picked up and boxes are packed. Electrical enclosures and controls on the machine itself, combined with stainless steel robots and stands/bases, make lines easy to clean and hose off.

Orientation of products and load balancing between robots is handled using ABB’s first-class software, specially developed for safe, easy-to-use, high-speed picking applications.


For large and complex picking, packing and palletizing lines, Front Automation collaborates with other European companies. We like to use complete machine solutions, including robots, if we think they do the job well. For instance, we represent the market-leading German company Transnova RUF in Sverige.

In addition to marketing and sales, we offer service and support wherever you have production, locally in Sweden or anywhere in the world.

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