Palletizing is placing boxes, crates or products on pallets according to programmed patterns. Using robots we can palletize widely varying kinds of packages. We like to  create an effective overall solution by including the handling of pallets, liners, application of edge protectors, pallet flagging and plastic wrapping of finished pallets.


Palletizing can be simple, using a single production line, or become centralized solutions where boxes from multiple production lines are transported to a common palletizing station. From the central station packages are distributed to different pallets.

For greater flexibility and manageability throughout the palletization process, we use specially developed robots and software for the best overall solutions.


We always build our automation lines in 3D first. Before we start actual construction we test range, access, and cycle times off-line in a simulated environment called RobotStudio.

Simulation results in faster and safer installations as well as significantly fewer surprises in real life. Front Automation has extensive experience working with RobotStudio.