Packing means putting products in things like boxes, trays, cartons or crates. Front Automation’s flexible packing applications handle all product sizes and packing patterns.

The challenge, the thing that spurs us to get really creative, is trying to put as many products as possible in the box at the same time.

We come up with the best solutions if we also help construct the box, because it’s so closely connected to packing methods.

As an example, we have packed 9000 candles, 5000 salt containers, and 2400 bags of bread per hour.


In addition to the packing itself, more good things can happen in an intelligent packing line. We’re happy to integrate packaging machines such as wrap around machines, box assembly machines and sealing machines in the line, as well as printers and machines for labeling and traceability. We work in a well-developed network with carefully chosen partners. They think like we do when it comes to all the creative possibilities for streamlining the whole process: always searching passionately for the best solutions.


Naturally the contents of the boxes is what’s most important to our customers, at least until they meet us. We would argue that the technology used for packing and packaging products is becoming an increasingly important part of the whole. And it’s something we like to prove every time we get involved in a project.

Our goal is that the box should make a big enough difference that it can be seen in the annual report.

So we are only too happy to help you find new exciting and promotional packaging, such as display boxes that are easy to open and attractively display the products on the store shelves.

We’re also good at optimizing pallet patterns and labeling boxes in smart ways.  It’s all in the details.